Monday, November 25, 2013

Brown Bag Lecture - Senior Review Tuesday 11/26 at noon

Seniors Morgan Emerson and Tiffanie Forbus will be presenting their work and taking questions from the audience about their senior portfolio exhibition.  Everyone is welcome to attend.  The lecture will be this Tuesday in the Fine Arts gallery from 12pm to 1pm.  

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Erick Figueroa - Brown Bag Presentation - Thursday 11/7 at noon in FA103

Erick Figueroa, who recently displayed his work in the Clyde H Wells Fine Arts Gallery, will be visiting the school and giving a presentation about his work and his influences on Thursday 11/7 at noon in the Workshop Theater room 103 in the Fine Arts Building.

Born in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, Erick Figueroa creates visceral repetition with bulky rhythms, his work marries pattern like gestures with a systematic approach that reveals the banality of time itself.  He is an artist living in Texas where recently he received his Master’s of Fine Art’s degree from Texas Christian University in Fort Worth.  He currently is an Adjunct Professor at both TCU and Brookhaven College teaching both Drawing and Painting.

TheGreatMigration Erick Figueroa - The Great Migration

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

No class Thursday

I will be with the Art Society in Dallas viewing the Rachovsky collection.  if you are interested in going, contact me, or see the TAS Facebook page for info.

If you will be around, the lab will be open for you to work to finish your animation projects from last week.  Those are due at the end of the day Tuesday 11/5.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Project 6 Opening Credits

Imagine your life is a TV show.  It is not that hard, most of you share your life's details online like it is news for the public.  Plus one of the most common psychological fantasies is to imagine your life as one giant narrative where you are the director and everyone else is just an actor.  

Your assignment is to design an opening credits sequence for the TV show of your life.  It should be at least 30 seconds, and it should give us some idea of the mood, content, and style of the show.  Your show can focus on a particular aspect of your life, as most shows tend to do (Big bang Theory: Geek Culture, Cheers: Bars, drinking, Sopranos: the Mob etc) It can have actors names or not, but it must have a title.  And the title design must match the style of the show.  


- You will use After Effects, but you may begin using found footage, pictures, photoshop, whatever
- The content of your title animation can be artistic, poetic, visual or typography based. 
- Define a style you want to pursue.
- emphasize some layering / compositing of multiple footage sources (video, still images or other graphical elements). 
- Adhere to the same aesthetic design principals as static design, as well as employing motion/animation.
- Have a consistent style which supports the message
- Use the motion elements to communicate or otherwise enhance the message being presented. 
- Be completed individually (not in a group)
- The credits/trailer should not be for an existing movie! Invent a title and style. Use a book, or a comic or invent your own freestyle theme! Be able to express a mood or a story with the title sequence. Think of typography as a motion graphic element, too.

Very Strict Due Dates
Due Tuesday 11/5   - Story Outline
Due Thursday 11/7  - All footage needed
Due in 2 weeks - Final rendered quicktime file

Monday, October 28, 2013

Project 5 Short Video Narrative

We will be looking at your short video works on Tuesday in class.  Please have them ready.

Ofrendas - The Tarleton Art Society exhibit at the Langdon Center needs entries...

The Tarleton Art Society will be putting on an exhibition of student art at the Langdon Center Gallery this weekend!  You are welcome to submit art for the show.  This is a great oppurtunity to show your work off campus and can be a much needed resume line.

The Tarleton Student Exhibition is also coming up soon..perhaps you need to print some digital work for the exhibit?  If you like you can send me a file to print today and I can do it for 1 dollar a foot of paper.  It is a better deal than you will get anywhere else.  

Thursday, October 10, 2013